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We are a team of software engineers and managers with a passion for building user-friendly applications and business-oriented systems

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Our Projects

dashboard for professional day traders

Static trading us stock graph view on a screen
Fondexx web ui professional trader dashboard screens

app for packing, moving, and organizing

Carton box with boxbrain qr code label on it
Boxbrain mobile web application pack smarter progressive web app screens

Beyond Booking
executive dashboard for rental managers

Small wooden house for rental
Beyond booking main page executive dashboard for rental managers with data visualizations real time data charts and insights

website for finding the best deals

Person scanning a qr code with ios phone app deal hunter
Dealhunter website main pages screens

meaningful, digital candle lighting ritual

Children seeking light and air outside their basement home Krochmalna Street Warsaw ca 1935 38
Illuminatethepast desktop web application screens

Our Services

Fullstack Development

01 is a software development company that specializes in full-cycle software development. We combine proven methodologies and modern technologies to build mobile and web applications with JavaScript, React, Node.js, React Native, PWA, Python, AWS and PostgreSQL

MVP Development


MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development is a process of risk reduction: by launching an early version of your new product, you are validating the product idea and gaining insights to adjust it before going to market. Starting with a minimum viable product allows you to verify demand before investing too much time and money into your idea.

Web Development


We develop web applications that simplify and automate your business processes. We are experts in JavaScript, React, Node.js, React Native, PWA, Python, AWS and PostgreSQL. Our team of developers can help you build your website or application from scratch or extend an existing one.

Mobile Development


We have a team of mobile developers who can help you build your app. We are ready to assist you with React Native, iOS and PWA projects

UI/UX Design


Our team includes senior experts in user experience and design, who will help you create a meaningful user flow. We offer a complete product design cycle under one roof

Product Development


Our passion is to create added-value from your business idea. This means thinking and working in new ways: delivering high-quality with the right mix of innovation, technology, business and creativity. We will work with you to build the best possible product

Technology and Business Consulting


We work with small and medium-sized businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs to design, build, and grow their ideas into successful companies. Provide crisp, effective, and dynamic solutions, with clear development paths for your mission

Our Team

Experts on board

A new generation of pioneers and innovators are working together to invent the future

Nikita Striuk

Lead Fullstack Developer

Nikita Striuk

7+ years of experience

Anton Honcharuk

Senior Software Engineer

Anton Honcharuk

10+ years of experience

Vitalii Bushuliak

Backend Developer

Vitalii Bushuliak

4+ years of experience

Dasha Shigaeva

Marketing Advisor

Dasha Shigaeva

15+ years of experience

Volodymyr Zolnikov

Backend Developer

Volodymyr Zolnikov

6+ years of experience